Having troubles choosing the right credit card payment processing system for your small business? Here are the 6 best ones to consider!

There are situations where it feels like the website owner has to make hundreds of decisions before their business opens the doors to its customers. One of the most important decision is which credit card payment system works best and which one should they choose.

Considering the fact that it is expected for your business to start accepting credit cards, you need to choose a service that doesn’t just accept and completes transactions, but also help your online store by providing real-time reports, low-processing fees, and has a strong reputation in helping small ecommerce business.

In this article, we will present 6 credit card payment processing services that fit your needs:

#1. Flint: Not a typical credit card payment processing system that requires you to swipe your card. Flint scans the card and process the payment. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your personal information as the card is actually never stored. This means that you don’t have to rent or purchase any hardware. This is great for any small business on a budget.

#2. Paymently: A service provider focused on providing small businesses with the most competitive processing rates. The rates come with no hidden expenses for set up, cancellation, application or PCI compliance.

#3. Gravity Payments: This credit card payment processing system process mobile payments, online credit cards, and in-person payments. The set of features is helping small business owners find the best POS system for their needs.

#4. Shopify Payments: Let Shopify and Shopify payments take care of your specific payment needs. The Shopify platform can help you build your own online store, provide you with all the features you need to design and run an ecommerce business, provide you with POS system, and integrations with over 100 payment providers around the world. Shopify and Shopify Payments got your small business covered!

#5. PayStand: When using this service provider, you can accept electronic payments (ACH, eCheck, eCash) and credit/debit cards. The best thing – there are no transaction fees!

#6. We Pay: A payment processor that allows users to have control over the payment transactions. You can customize the checkout forms, customer support emails, confirmation emails, mobile transactions, and more.

Ready to choose?