Wondering what’s the best all-in-one ecommerce solution and POS system for your business online? Here are 5 best systems for 2019 to keep in mind!

POS or Point of Sale system is the center of any small business through which orders, sales, transactions, exchanges, and refunds are processed. A great POS system, have key integrations like ecommerce and accounting, detailed reporting features, and affordable rates/fees.

Wondering what’s the best all-in-one ecommerce solution and POS system for your business online?

  • Square: The best POS system for small retailers! The system is free to use and helps small businesses to upload inventory, process payments, and store customer data. No equipment is required for you to start accepting payments right away. The POS system comes equipped with a basic inventory management system and all basic features you need to run an online business.
  • Lightspeed: More expensive but robust POS system. The software includes over 40 inventory and sales reports, informing you on the best-selling products, profit, and more. This is the best POS system for retailers who appreciate reporting capabilities. The starting price is $99 per month.
  • Shopify POS: The best all-in-one ecommerce solution and POS system for retailers! Shopify is an ecommerce-focused platform and has online sales channels like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, and others. Shopify POS offers 3 different pricing models – Basic Shopify ($29), Shopify ($79), and Advanced Shopify ($299). Retailers can add cash registers, receipt printers, and everything they need to run a prosperous online store. Shopify Point of Sale has the most flexible pricing on the market.
  • Springboard Retail: A moderately priced Point of Sale system with real-time sales dashboard, comprehensive CRM, and mobile responsive design. This is the only Point of Sale system offering real-time traffic data, however, it also requires business owners to pay for expensive training. Springboard is the best POS solution for those who appreciate customer insights. The starting price is $69 per month.
  • QuickBooks POS: A downloadable Point of Sale solution that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. The only system on this list that supports Microsoft and PC tablet and works perfectly with QuickBooks Financial. This is a great POS system for those who use QuickBooks Financial or those interested in combining bookkeeping and payments in one solution.

Point of Sale systems has important applications across your website and online store. Choosing the right one is absolutely crucial!